Rua E, 213. Bairro Industrial
Ribeirão Vermelho / MG
37 264 000


Moinhos Gerais is situated in Ribeirão Vermelho city on Minas Gerais state, Brazil. The main focus of the company is on minerals treatment, such as milling, sieving and classification of the particles. Moinhos Gerais deals with different minerals, the most relevant are non metallic ones, such as: quartz, silica, calcareo-argillaceous, calcareo-siliceous, clay, kaolin.

The company possesses a modern mineral process supplying products in different ways, such as: in bulk, in big bags and also in small bags. Moinhos Gerais fits in a production process based on the demand and the requirements of each client. This means that it’s possible to develop and set the machines to reach a close target.

The 30 years of director’s experience on minerals processing provide the company not only a consolidation in the market, but also knowledge to develop specific products. The research laboratory is situated near to the production area in order to provide control on the process parameters, assuring stability and regularity of the final materials.

The engineering team is prepared to get fast and efficient solutions. The company provides mineral testing samples with no charge for the client.